Welcome to the official blog


Welcome to the official ShowMeLocal.com blog.

ShowMeLocal.com (SML)is a unique online business website, aimed at bringing the experience of a local business community to the web.
This blog will be an invaluable source of information and tips on how to best use your ShowMeLocal.com listing to drive customers to your business. Having your business listed on SML is a start, but in order to convert visitors into paying customers, you must become actively involved creating a dynamic profile.  This blog will show you how best to utilize the tools available on ShowMeLocal.com to both drive your current customers to your SML profile and create repeat business, and to convert Internet visitors into paying customers.
At ShowMeLocal.com there exists a unique and exciting opportunity for small business owners to create an online presence that will enhance their business operations.

We will show you how to take advantage of the tools provided, so that your business reaps all the benefits that the Internet can offer.

One Response to “Welcome to the official blog”

  1. D. Keith Says:

    I sell Memory Foam Mattresses very similar to TempurPedic mattresses except nearly 70% less! The only website or Internet Bedding Retailer I can find that offers the same prices and product as me is http://www.SleepBetterSource.com. The Show Me Local website looks like it could help me. What do you think?

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