How to use Promotional Flyers effectively


flyer_sample.jpgFlyers are an incredible way to inform your customers about your presence that you don’t want to miss. can automatically create a printable flyer with information about your business on SML that you can hand out to your customers. These flyers are especially well suited to use as “bag stuffers” — that is, for those of you who manage a commerce-oriented business, you can stick them in the shopping bags of your customers. For those of you who own service businesses, you can pass out flyers along with bills you send to your customers or hand them out at the cash register with receipts.

Getting your customers to your profile is paramount to the success of your online endeavors. Having a presence on the Internet is useless if no one visits it. That means that beyond keeping it up to date and fresh with new content to engage your visitors, you need to work to get users to your site.

You might be wondering why it would matter to get customers you already have to your website. The reason is that your profile, when properly used, will help you to turn regular customers into loyal, repeat customers who really believe in your business and come to depend on your products and services. Further, the more active your profile is, the more exposure you will get across the network, which translates to more visitors! Also, just imagine what would happen if everyone in your local Business Network used flyers effectively to bring customers online!

To print out a promotional flyer, go to your Business Management Area, then click on ‘All Settings’ and navigate to the ‘Promotional Flyers’ area. From there you can print flyers quickly and easily.

Tip: If you upload your logo to ‘Photos’ and set it as your default, it will appear on your Promotional Flyers!

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