Using Facebook to Advertise Your Local Business


Facebook is local! I have commented about this previously at LocalBizBits in these two posts: Local Business on Facebook and Local Search on Facebook. The reason we bring this up is that Facebook is now a very viable option for small business to advertise in/on.

Recently Facebook added a number of features for the small business. They were:
Social Ads
Platform – be able to create applications
Business Profile page
Insights & Polls

If you want to read some more about it, you can see what Sebastien Provencher from Praized Blog had to say at Facebook Pages: Facebook Pages: The Return of the One-Page Microsites. and at Greg Sterling’s post Facebook Ads, ‘Beacon’ and Local.

ShowMeLocal, earlier this week, launched an application, Business Space, a very simple and useful tool that connects your business profile here at ShowMeLocal to your Facebook page. This application saves you the time and energy of not having to repeat your business information on your Facebook business page.

Business Space will easily allow you to mange such things as your coupons, links to ShowMeLocal blog posts, specials, job announcements, etc.

You might be asking yourself, “why should I even fool with Facebook?” The reason is simple, because “everyone” is going on Facebook. Being involved in Facebook via a profile page, local network (i.e. NYC, or Los Angelos, etc) or a niche group is a smart business move. It is very easy to create an account and now with Business Space you can take your information here and quickly put in Facebook.

As I will mention in future posts, the current and future wave of the Internet is communities. People are joining and participating in various group and network sites. “You can win, you are not in the game.”

The biggest issues for a small business are time and technical knowledge. At ShowMeLocal, the vision is to provide the resources, information, and directions you might need to get the job done. Regarding the time, look at that as an investment into your business.

Have a question, post it here and we can continue the discussion. See you on Facebook.

7 Responses to “Using Facebook to Advertise Your Local Business”

  1. tom galvin Says:

    how do i join

  2. showmelocal Says:

    Tom, Please see our help section here:

  3. Romana Says:

    I tried to put ShowMeLocal on my facebook but wasn’t able to do it, I am not very savy when it comes to things like this but I will try it again following these suggestions



  5. Floor Decor Says:

    We also had no luck linking our show me local account with our facebook / business space application page. It is really dissapointing as it seems like a wonderful product, but no support for it. Hopefully these kinks will be ironed out soon and it will be a great tool in the future….

  6. David Allan Says:

    I would like to advertise on your site what are the charges for this.

  7. Aj Breboneria Says:

    Hurry! We’re In Need of:
    – Sales Councilor
    -Area Manager
    -Regional Manager
    -Sales Associates

    -College Graduate open to all courses
    -College level with or without experience
    -High School Graduate or Fresh Graduate with or without experience
    Willing to be train and learn quickly.
    -OCW/OFW are also welcome
    -18 years old and above

    Apply Personally at:
    Suite 1001 10th floor Tektite, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre,
    Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City (Back of SM Mega Mall, Near San Miguel Corporation)

    for Inquires:
    Please Contact:
    09222526467 And look for Mr. SING of GARNET DEPARTMENT
    Bring Resume w/2×2 picture and photocopy of any available credentials.

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