Everyone Wants to Save a Buck


With the price of gas going up and holiday shopping in full force, the ability to save some money is on the minds of everyone.

The best way to help your customer is to provide coupons. I know that if I have a coupon in hand, I am more apt to make the purchase. Small business sometimes worry about providing discounts or coupons because of a fear of losing money. Yes that is a possibility but remember the goal of the coupon is to get the customer into your shop. Once they are in your shop, maybe they will purchase something else…

What makes a good coupon?
–attractive design
–clearly defined discount
–clearly marked expiration date
–no fine print

With the Internet, it is very easy for the small business owner to have and manage his own coupons. Online coupons provide a great way to promote your business (online) but also to help drive more foot traffic to your shop. The biggest statistic that we marketers are seeing is that most consumers are doing research online for a particular product but then driving to the local store to purchase it offline!

If that is the case, it is prudent to make sure you provide shoppers with online coupon(s).

What make a good online coupon?
–ease of finding them on your site
–attractive design
–ease of printing out
–clearly marked expiration date
–current! -can’t tell you how many online coupons that I find that are out of date!

ShowMeLocal provides a very nice coupon feature to all business profiles. With this feature, you can easily create and manage your coupons, add them to your Facebook profile or any website you choose with the content widget application.

In addition to coupons to drive traffic to your shop, there are the appreciation coupons. Providing coupons as a thank you to your customer is a nice feature; ShowMeLocal also has this option in the business profile section. You can provide coupons for those who provide feedback, a review, and or leave a comment.

Social online marketing is growing rapidly, so getting customer feedback is a critical. It is a no-brainier to provide coupons as a way to build your online reputation. You can get online coupons from many locations but I am not sure if they are as easy to use at ShowMeLocal’s. If you are curious, set up a business profile and see, it is free!

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