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Today your homework assignment is to read Anatomy & Optimization Of A Local Business Profile by Chris Smith. This article comments on the importance of using or having a local business profile.

“Optimizing business listings and profiles can make all the difference in enabling potential customers to find you and in selecting you from your pack of competitors.”

Since you are reading this blog, I assume you are a member of ShowMeLocal, if not, join today. When I first found ShowMeLocal, I was immediately impressed with the site layout, content and marketing potential. (honest, no BS). Remember it is all about your business growing its visibility online. If no one can find you, what is the point?

Business profiles will add to your visibility, can be a useful tool to augment your website (if you have one), and can provide links to your website(s). In the article, Chris provides great details on what a business needs to pay attention to: maps, geocodes, zip codes, phone numbers, categories, keywords, etc. Most small businesses simply put the basic address, phone, fax, etc. on a profile but if they take the time to create an “optimized” profile, it can be a real benefit to them.

ShowMeLocal’s business profiles allows you to create a very through business profile and one that you can use with an existing website. Coupons, blogs, reviews, widgets are available at ShowMeLocal. Eugene Belenky founder of ShowMeLocal says “ShowMeLocal profiles are highly SEO optimized and that is why deliver top organic! results in the search engines for our clients (not only navigational results but discovery as well). They will not get those results anywhere on the web for free.”

Now results will vary but here are a couple of examples were ShowMeLocal business profiles are showing up:

Massage Therapy on

Massage Therapy on Google

Pharmacy results per zip code

Chris ends his article, “Take advantage of the free advertising through all the business profile directories out there, and you’ll start pulling your business ahead of the pack.”

Can’t agree with Chris more. ShowMeLocal currently is free so it represents one of the best avenues for a small business to promote itself. If you are not here sign up. If you are already here, take a couple of minutes to review your profile. Is there anything you can do to it?

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    Excellent post. Keep it up!

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