Success Breeds Success


Another saying, “it takes money to make money” is appropriate for this post…

Just the other day, a client called me saying, “Larry a number of folks have found me on-line and just signed contracts. I know we do not even have the number #1 ranking. What can we do to keep this going?”

On e of the first things, I telll clients is that you have to start somewhere and to be patient. This client has been on-line for some time and we did some conservative marketing. Well now it is beginning to show some fruit and time to step it up a bit.  (If you can do well on-line without spending any money, more power to you.)

When Small Businesses Shouldn’t Act Like A Small Business by Stoney deGeyter is great article to read.  “if you’re one of those that likes being “mom and pop” then this article isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re a small business owner that has big dreams and big goals there is no better time than now than to start getting out of the small business, mom and pop mindset and start thinking like the business you want to grow into…”

It is all about your mind frame. The attitude you take is important and yes some times some risk is involved but again, one needs to move forward.

Stoney says and I totally agree with; “You don’t have to be a big business to win in the on-line marketing game. But you do need to get out of the mom and pop rut. Be willing to take risks but do so wisely and well-informed. “

Being informed is what we are trying to do here at ShowMeLocal blog. So please read these articles, ask questions, surf around but do something!

Taking The Fear Factor Out Of Paid Search For Small Businesses by Christine Churchill is another great article for small business, to help understand paid search and how to use it for their on-line promotions. Christine takes a very realistic approach to things and I think does a great job explaining things.

Paid search is simply one aspect of on-line marketing that small business can take advantage.  But remember you need to do something to get your promotions moving as things improve, add to it.

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