Keeping it Fresh


Today’s post I will answer a question, I received from one of our readers.

Warren J. Sonne of Sun State Investigative Services, Inc., asked, “Is it helpful to periodically change the content on webpages?”

Warren stated he has seen conflicting info on the subject..well Warren, I have seen that too. Over my years on-line, it seems everyone has an opinion on the search engines and what matters.  I pretty much have decided that experience is the best teacher. So my general answer to your question is YES. Google and the other engines definitely like fresh content. My blog posts are picked up very quickly (aftger writing them) by the engines and indexed. 

Google and the others do look at the date the pages were last updated. If you use a Google sitemap, it will look to see when the page(s) were last updated.

I found this article on the subject too.

I also asked my friend and associate, Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing for his opinion. This is what he said:

I would recommend adding content for the following reasons (in order of importance):
1. Improving the visitor experience:  Visitor usability and experience is the most important factor when it comes to content on a website. 
2. Search Engine Optimziation:  Adding relevant content to help with natural rankings is a good thing to do, only if it gives visitor useful information (articles, tips, etc)

I agree with Nick that your visitor experience is just as important as the search engines. Hope this helps.

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