ShowMeLocal Affiliate Program


As you have surfed the web, you probably have seen many websites that offer affiliate programs. What is the goal of an affiliate program? Basically, an affiliate program is there to help promote that website or business.

ShowMeLocal is growing and working hard to improve its services for you and your local business. They are very happy to announce that they have launched their own affiliate program. All current members of ShowMeLocal are able to join and the program is free. Please note, this program is primarily geared towards local business marketers.

This affiliate program does not provide financial compensation to its users, it provides something just as valuable-marketing visibility. As an affiliate of ShowMeLocal, you will help build the ShowMeLocal community by getting more businesses listed.

When you add a business, via your affiliate link, that business can be added to our business network on ShowMeLocal. If the businesses you add are in the same geographic location, you can create a nice local network.

Also your custom business listing will be visible on each business profile you add. If you are a marketer, is a great tool to promote and increase visibility of your clients.

I spoke with Eugene Belenky, owner of ShowMeLocal and asked him, “What is your vision for the affiliate program?”

“Larry, We are looking forward to working together with professionals across the country and not only giving them a great tool but also listening to their comments and requests to make ShowMeLocal better and easier to use.

In addition to promoting yourself, we will be open to doing revenue sharing, once the subscription service is introduced. We think this is a win-win for all involved.”

To summarize, the ShowMeLocal Affiliate Program will:

  • Increase portfolio of services that you can offer.
  • Give your clients the best tools to promote their businesses online.
  • Increase your clients’ visibility.
  • Sign up clients and/or manage your client’s business listings.
  • Promote your services on your client’s business dashboards.
  • Advertise your content directly on your client’s business profiles.

Feel free to contact Eugene or myself if you have any questions, and thanks for helping building ShowMeLocal.

2 Responses to “ShowMeLocal Affiliate Program”

  1. wealthy Affiliate Says:

    Show me local seems very interesting, thanks to share this.

  2. John Says:

    Hello, would you like to promote our offers and our affiliate program?

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