Small Business Stuff (Part 1)


Running an off-line business can be a very time consuming and frustrating venture, yet at the same time it can be very rewarding. Running an on-line business is the same way. One of the biggest issues that I find with those trying to do business on-line is a lack of understanding of the “on-line world.” In general, doing business on-line is not very hard, it simple takes some time to understand all that is involved and some patience.

This is a 2 part article that I am putting on the two blogs that I currently run. Part one of this articles is about a number of “war stories” that I have read over the last few months, while part two is about a service I have found and tried at

Stories of on-line business experiences:

Local search success at photo site by Carol Krol is a neat story how a business turned to local search marketing to build their business

The Power and Impact of Google Maps over at SEORefugee is a very interesting post about how one business depended on Google Maps for business

A Small Business Marketing Success Story: Pink Cake Box is an interview by Matt McGee with a small business that is building up its business using its web site, a blog, public relations, and social media.

All of these are good reading and should provide plenty of food for thought.

Part 2 is an interview I conducted with, a company that provides email marketing. Email marketing can be a very effective means of communicating on-line but one needs to be careful.  With all the spam out there, it can be difficult. I sat down with the  CEO of mobileStorm, Jared Reitzin and picked his brain. You can read the full interview at LocalBizBits.

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