Twitter for Business


If you are curious what Twitter is and how to use it for your business, take few minutes to read “Twitter 101 A Special Guide” that explains how business owners can use Twitter to promote their businesses. Guide is nicely organized and contains various case studies and a slide show.

In the begging of this year we introduced a new feature called Tweet This! that allows you to post coupons and promotions to your Twitter account directly from business dashboard. As a logical evolution of this feature we have decided to put together “Twitter Dashboard” that lists all content you can post on one page along with dedicated pages for each post.

Take a look at our coupon posted on Twitter @showmelocal:
Click on coupon link: to see the actual coupon.

Login to your account to review “Twitter Dashboard” and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter

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2 Responses to “Twitter for Business”

  1. takeus4graniteofcallif Says:

    working on web site should be up in thirty days
    one of a kind very informational
    on the granite business

  2. alma Says:

    Wow this was potentially one of the best articles I have come across on the topic so far. I do not understand where you learn all of your data but up! I am gunna send some people your way to take a look at this post. Fantastic, just plain awesome. I’m have just started getting into writing articles myself, nothing close to your writing skills (doh) but I’d love for you to check out my articles sometime! here

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