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New Feature Alert: Tweet This!

January 30, 2009

Along with Facebook Business Space comes new Tweet This feature.

You can now post your coupons, blog posts, specials, jobs and events to your twitter time line directly from your business dashboard. We will keep adding this feature to all portable content of your business profile.

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5 Things about ShowMeLocal Coupons that you might not know about.

December 5, 2008

1. You can create “Appreciation” coupon and assign it to customer actions. When customer writes a review you can award him/her with the exclusive coupon that will only appear when customer finishes the review.

2. Your coupon is automatically converted to widget in form of HTML or javascript and is available for you to place on the website of your choice. Summary of all coupons is also widgetized. See “Content ToGo” section of a coupon.

3. You can email a coupon (as well as “Appreciation” coupon) to your customer base via “Email this Coupon to your Customers” feature.

4. We distribute your coupon to different websites including Google Maps.

5. Customers can send your coupon to cell phones and present them to you electronically.

These and other coupon features are standard and included with Free, Premium and Business Website services.

To start effectively utilize coupons with your Business Profiles visit your Business Dashboard.

Using Facebook to Advertise Your Local Business

November 30, 2007

Facebook is local! I have commented about this previously at LocalBizBits in these two posts: Local Business on Facebook and Local Search on Facebook. The reason we bring this up is that Facebook is now a very viable option for small business to advertise in/on.

Recently Facebook added a number of features for the small business. They were:
Social Ads
Platform – be able to create applications
Business Profile page
Insights & Polls

If you want to read some more about it, you can see what Sebastien Provencher from Praized Blog had to say at Facebook Pages: Facebook Pages: The Return of the One-Page Microsites. and at Greg Sterling’s post Facebook Ads, ‘Beacon’ and Local.

ShowMeLocal, earlier this week, launched an application, Business Space, a very simple and useful tool that connects your business profile here at ShowMeLocal to your Facebook page. This application saves you the time and energy of not having to repeat your business information on your Facebook business page.

Business Space will easily allow you to mange such things as your coupons, links to ShowMeLocal blog posts, specials, job announcements, etc.

You might be asking yourself, “why should I even fool with Facebook?” The reason is simple, because “everyone” is going on Facebook. Being involved in Facebook via a profile page, local network (i.e. NYC, or Los Angelos, etc) or a niche group is a smart business move. It is very easy to create an account and now with Business Space you can take your information here and quickly put in Facebook.

As I will mention in future posts, the current and future wave of the Internet is communities. People are joining and participating in various group and network sites. “You can win, you are not in the game.”

The biggest issues for a small business are time and technical knowledge. At ShowMeLocal, the vision is to provide the resources, information, and directions you might need to get the job done. Regarding the time, look at that as an investment into your business.

Have a question, post it here and we can continue the discussion. See you on Facebook.

Introducing “Business Space”.

November 26, 2007


We are happy to introduce the Business Space, new application developed specifically for Facebook Pages. It allows you to enhance and compliment your Facebook Page with content from ShowMeLocal such as blogs, coupons, specials and job postings. In addition you will be able to post your business badge directly to your Facebook user profile, attach news feeds with your updates and have full control over the posted content. Business Space has look and feel of the Facebook and naturally blends your content with the existing page.

It is extremely easy to connect ShowMeLocal profile to Facebook. We have created comprehensive guide describing steps you need to perform to set up your Business on Facebook and then successfully bind your ShowMeLocal Profile with Facebook.

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ShowMeLocal Facebook Application and OpenSocial News

November 2, 2007

We would like to share some existing plans with you regarding

We are finishing the new version of on the Facebook. We’ve also scheduled to release Showmelocal utilizing OpenSocial Api that supports applications for MySpace, LinkedIN, Orkut, HI5, Ning and many other social networking sites. This is great news for all of us, because we will be able to promote our businesses on the variety of social networks where lots of our customers are.

In addition we would like to remind you that we promote your content to Google Maps, Google Base,,, and other local oriented sites, not to mention that your business profiles get strong search engines placement.

If you own a local business and don’t yet have an account with, click here to register. is absolutely free to use for local business owners and local consumers alike and is committed to building a stronger network between the two.

Stay tune. Details will come very soon.

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Decision Maker

October 26, 2007

Couple months ago we’ve released Facebook application called a “Decision Maker“. It is a fun and entertaining way to make an important decision when you need one. Now you can get “Decision Maker” as a widget through the various sources that we want to share with you in case you would want to add this cool tool on your web pages.

Google Gadget: Link

Widgipedia: Link

Yourminis: Link

Widgetbox: Link

Facebook: Link

Widgets are great mechanism to promote your services and build traffic to your site. As a user of you have an opportunity to distribute and promote your business profile trough the content widgets that are available for you on our site. To read more about how to promote your business please visit “Promote your business online” page in the “Distribution and Promotion” Section or click on the box that looks like this:

We just want to mention that is availble as a facebook application as well. We will talk more about this in the future posts.

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