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Twitter for Business

July 25, 2009

If you are curious what Twitter is and how to use it for your business, take few minutes to read “Twitter 101 A Special Guide” that explains how business owners can use Twitter to promote their businesses. Guide is nicely organized and contains various case studies and a slide show.

In the begging of this year we introduced a new feature called Tweet This! that allows you to post coupons and promotions to your Twitter account directly from business dashboard. As a logical evolution of this feature we have decided to put together “Twitter Dashboard” that lists all content you can post on one page along with dedicated pages for each post.

Take a look at our coupon posted on Twitter @showmelocal:
Click on coupon link: to see the actual coupon.

Login to your account to review “Twitter Dashboard” and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter

Business Profiles – Mobile Version

February 16, 2009

We have optimized your business profiles to be used on 260 + mobile devices including cell phones, smart phones, PDAs and etc.

There are 3 major versions that are available for mobile users:

iPhone: click to view

HTML Rich Version (G1, BlackBerry and etc.) : click to view

WAP Version (all smaller devices): click to view

When users search the web on mobile devices and discover your business profile through search engines they will be automatically redirected to the appropriate mobile version.

We have been tested mobile versions for a while, that is why you can see “mobile” visits on your statistic report.

If you have a mobile device and willing to see how your profile looks like, navigate to your main business profile and wait for mobile version to appear.

New Feature Alert: Tweet This!

January 30, 2009

Along with Facebook Business Space comes new Tweet This feature.

You can now post your coupons, blog posts, specials, jobs and events to your twitter time line directly from your business dashboard. We will keep adding this feature to all portable content of your business profile.

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“Link your Blog” aka “External Blogs” feature is live now!

January 24, 2009

If you run blog separate from your ShowMeLocal profile you can use our new “external blogs” feature to blend your existing content into blog section of your business profile.

Feature supports most of the popular blogging platforms and mixes your content into one continues blog with subscription button available. We support wordpress, blogger, typepad, livejournal, tumbrl, xanga, twitter and other popular blogging and micro blogging platforms.

Feature works with your business profile and business website.

You still can blog using our internal,  easy to use,  blogging tool.

Happy Blogging!
The Development Team

Business Website – amazingly easy tool that converts your Local Business Profile into fully functional Website is Live Now!

October 24, 2008

After successful private use* we are delighted to announce availability of “Business Website”– amazingly easy tool that converts your existing business profile into standalone fully functional, professionally looking, locally tuned, search engine optimized informational business website.

Business Website package at extremely affordable rate of $9.99/mo, includes free domain registration and renewal, 5-business email redirects to the email of your choice and standalone website with ability to control displayed sections.

Business Website is completely ad-free and is based on the selected business package (promotions are included). No design and development is required; the most complicated part is to come up with the right domain name!

Some of the examples are here:

To read more Click Here

*This tool was available for private beta since spring 2008 and became publicly available to the registered business owners September 2008.

Weigh your local profile!

September 10, 2008

With the introduction of the Premium Profiles our “Featured Businesses” section got a lot of attention and we think it is time to shed light on how it works.

Featured Businesses appear on the home page of the site, search pages such as local businesses, coupons, specials, jobs and on business profiles that have free level of service. It is not an advertisement or sponsored links. It is purely based on the “Activity Points” that we assign when user creates relevant content for the profile. In a nutshell, “Activity Points” drive “Featured Businesses” content. With out benchmarking of how active your business is it is hard to estimate if your business will be featured and get more attention from potential customers.

Let us introduce “Featured Business Meter” to help you weigh your local business profile against most active, featured businesses in your area. There are 3 kinds of levels that you can perform analysis: ZIP, City and State. There are lots of factors that increase (and decrease) your activity points, but major boosters include – subscription level, general business content, coupons, specials, jobs, pictures and networking. The most important factor, of course, is the “Service Level” of your account – the higher the subscription level the greater chance your activity points will get you into the “Featured Businesses”.

If you are premium subscriber “Featured Businesses” will not appear on your profile and will not drive customers away from your business.

Happy Metering!

Introducing Premium Profiles.

September 8, 2008

Dear Valued Customer,

After a successful beta launch, we are happy to announce the release of one-stop fully functional website with opportunities for you to find new local customers using the power of Internet marketing, web 2.0 tools, advertising, social networking and extensive content distribution.

Today we are introducing premium profile packages (press release), to help you stand out among the competitors and convert online visitors into returning and loyal customers.

Premium profiles are advertising free, have extended collections of features, unique splash pages and detailed statistics for each visit to a business profile. As usual it is free for a business to get started at and full subscription packages are priced up to the deluxe package at an extremely affordable price per month.

For those of you who joined before September 5th 2008 and have free beta account, we are offering you an extension of service until October 31st 2008. You will still be able to enjoy our premium features free of charge. After that date your account will be downgraded to a regular free plan. You can upgrade your account at anytime before or after that date.

We’ve proved to deliver great results to you, strongly establishing and dramatically increasing your business’s online visibility, driving your local profile to the top organic positions in all of the major search engines. Most of you are using your local business profiles as prime online presence for your business. As you have noticed we have the most advanced tools and features that any player in the local advertising market has today. With introduction of our premium packages we will help you grow your business even further by creating new and unique features, extending your premium distribution network and tremendously boosting your local online share.

We hope you join us in reaching this goal!

Eugene Belenky

Founder of