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Twitter for Business

July 25, 2009

If you are curious what Twitter is and how to use it for your business, take few minutes to read “Twitter 101 A Special Guide” that explains how business owners can use Twitter to promote their businesses. Guide is nicely organized and contains various case studies and a slide show.

In the begging of this year we introduced a new feature called Tweet This! that allows you to post coupons and promotions to your Twitter account directly from business dashboard. As a logical evolution of this feature we have decided to put together “Twitter Dashboard” that lists all content you can post on one page along with dedicated pages for each post.

Take a look at our coupon posted on Twitter @showmelocal:
Click on coupon link: to see the actual coupon.

Login to your account to review “Twitter Dashboard” and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter

Weigh your local profile!

September 10, 2008

With the introduction of the Premium Profiles our “Featured Businesses” section got a lot of attention and we think it is time to shed light on how it works.

Featured Businesses appear on the home page of the site, search pages such as local businesses, coupons, specials, jobs and on business profiles that have free level of service. It is not an advertisement or sponsored links. It is purely based on the “Activity Points” that we assign when user creates relevant content for the profile. In a nutshell, “Activity Points” drive “Featured Businesses” content. With out benchmarking of how active your business is it is hard to estimate if your business will be featured and get more attention from potential customers.

Let us introduce “Featured Business Meter” to help you weigh your local business profile against most active, featured businesses in your area. There are 3 kinds of levels that you can perform analysis: ZIP, City and State. There are lots of factors that increase (and decrease) your activity points, but major boosters include – subscription level, general business content, coupons, specials, jobs, pictures and networking. The most important factor, of course, is the “Service Level” of your account – the higher the subscription level the greater chance your activity points will get you into the “Featured Businesses”.

If you are premium subscriber “Featured Businesses” will not appear on your profile and will not drive customers away from your business.

Happy Metering!